CALL FOR ARTISTS: November event

Artists: Do you have ideas? Good ideas? Ideas that have been rolling around your mind for months, that you would make come to life had you only money for materials or whatever? Perhaps then you should answer the clarion call of Soup N’at, the volunteer-run, quarterly night that exists to help artists of all mediums and persuasions make their crazy dreams into slightly less crazy realities!

Applying to Soup N’at is simple. Summarize your project, the timeline you envision, explain what you’d use the funding for, explain what makes your idea important, and send in some images. If you’re selected, we’ll add you to that night’s ballot of hopefuls. You’ll get two minutes to convince the audience that your project is the best of the evening. If you get the most votes at the end of the presentation round, you get all of the night’s proceeds. All you have to do is use the funding towards your art, and present the progress you’ve made on our project to a future Soup N’at.

Soup N’at is open to artists of all stripes — visual, performance, musical, digital, or none of the above. Applications for the November 22nd event at Union Project (801 N. Negley Ave) are due by October 25th. Apply here:


2 thoughts on “CALL FOR ARTISTS: November event

  1. HI! I want very much to apply but cannot afford to miss my own choir’s rehearsal (Coro Latinoamericano) on Sunday, November 22nd at the very same time while we’re preparing for concerts that start as early as Dec. 5th! Will there be an event in January 2016?

    1. Hey Kenya, best of luck with your rehearsal! We will be announcing the date of our next dinner at our November 22nd event. Follow Soup N’at on Facebook to stay updated and receive early announcements. We can’t wait to hear about your ideas!

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