February Finalists

We are now ready to announce our five February finalists to this Sunday’s Soup N’at:

1. Lori Howsare, Matthew Dean Rodgers, Ed Pinto – MadLove


The MadLove Project is designed to show images of loving moments with poetry to expose rarely seen kinds of love in public. It is my hope that the MadLove Poetry PhotoBook will inspire loves primal sweetness in it’s viewers. The live performances of the poetry with Ed Pinto is my experiment with the idea that live theatre and performance raises the Empathy of it’s viewers.

2. Bob Ziller – A Blues for The Block

A Blues for The Block

The 800 block on the west side of Penn Avenue has been completely abandoned for many years, with boarded up storefront windows on most of the properties. Inspired by Romare Bearden’s “The Block”, and the cover artwork of Coltrane Plays the Blues, I began by cutting scraps of chipboard into various rectangular shapes, then painting the boards with a palette of about a dozen colors.

3. Hudson Rush – The Women Writers of Northview Heights

group photo.jpg

Run as a democracy, the women have specifically requested a creative writing group in order to increase and improve their writing skills in all genres, including nonfiction and poetry. With this already-invested interest, the completed preliminary classes to gauge the level of interest have proven that this group of women – present head count of 11 – not only want to continue with this writing group, but also voted to schedule community performances and exhibitions of their work. By the end of each session, the women will produce individual chapbooks, audio CDs and accompanying visual artwork.

4. Abagail Beddall (Bunker Projects) – Performance Art Festival International Guest Travel Fund


The annual Bunker Project’s Performance Art Festival features a diverse lineup of artists reflecting local, national and international perspectives contributing to the evolving excitement of the Pittsburgh arts scene. Close to home, PAF16 puts Pittsburgh on the map of other well known east coast art centers like New York, Chicago, and Toronto.

5. Mario Quinn, Jason Mendez – Zelda Pito Emerging Artist Program

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 12.46.41 PM.png

The Zelda Pito Emerging Artist Fellowship (ZPEAF) is a three week summer intensive designed to use storytelling, dance, poetry, graphic design, emceeing, and creative writing to explore identity construction and the concept of home among Pittsburgh area public high school students. Students will engage in critical dialogues with their cohort, artists, and social change leaders, develop professional networks, participate in group and individual mentoring sessions, and receive support and resources to create new artwork.

Each artist will have three minutes to make the case for why you, our soup-eating funders, should vote to support their project. Meet them all this Sunday, February 28th, 2016 at Union Project! Click here to go to the Soup N’at event page.


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