March 2017 Soup N’at Finalists

We are now ready to announce our five finalists to this Sunday’s Soup N’at:

1. Felicia Cooper – “The Kindness Dinosaurs” stop-motion animation

2017 March Soup_ Felicia
Many people have posed the rhetorical dilemma “How do I talk to my kids about this?” in this sociopolitical climate. Felicia’s response to that question is these minute-long stop-motion animated clips with simple current event reports and discussions about social justice and responsibility, “The Kindness Dinosaurs”.  The main goal is to be kind to each other, but also to teach children that “If you can help somebody, you should help somebody!” while patiently explaining complex topics like discrimination, prejudice, and civil rights as a catalyst for kid-friendly discussion at home.


2. Carolyn Pierotti – “DIGS – Sexism in the Arts” group exhibition

2017 March Soup_Sexism in the Arts DIGS Pic

Carolyn brought 13 amazing women artists (emerging and established) together and asked them to create a piece of artwork that explores sexism, and how it intersects with age and/or race. The “DIGS-Sexism in the Arts” will open its exhibition on May 6th at Artists Image Resource.


3. Women Writers of Northview Heights – publishing creative writing books

2017 March Soup_women writers of northview_group

Women Writers of Northview Heights began in July 2015 when women from the Northview Heights community requested a creative writing group to replace their Thursday night support group at the Northview Heights Family Support Center. Since that time, the women have engaged in writing prompts that use all types of artistic expression, including drawing, cartooning, painting, collage and photography. These activities resulted in inspiring personal narratives about life, love, family and community. Now, the women are hyper-focused on publishing their work.


4. Girls Write Pittsburgh – inspire girls to find their voice through writing

2017 March Soup_girlswritepittsburgh

Girls Write Pittsburgh is the city’s only program designed to empower teen girls through the creative expression of writing, exposing them to a world of opportunity, through the craft. Girls Write Pittsburgh provides an outlet for creativity. Girls in this writing program can go deep, whether they are writing for themselves or to share with others. Now, they are expanding their activities and reach into 2 additional neighborhoods – Northside and Garfield – hoping to empower more girls by helping them find their voice through writing.


5. Jess Gold and Amos Levy – “The Community Mixtape Project”

2017 March Soup_Community Mixed Tape_1

Imagine that you get to listen to a podcast full of stories from all of the young people in a neighborhood, classroom, or after-school program, now imagine that those stories are set to beats, and now imagine that they’re full of poetry, singing, and rapping. Plus, it comes along with a zine full of lyrics, artwork, and pictures. Something like a kid-powered Storycorps, but you can jam to it. That’s the Community Sourced Mixtape Project.

Jess Gold and Amos Levy’s goal is empowerment through creative expression and the development of media technology communication skills. They help youth realize the potential of 21st century music making and DIY publishing technologies to create their own content, and share their own stories in fun and engaging ways. The final, critical piece of this involves us ensuring that we’re amplifying the youth’s voices to the best of our ability.


Each artist will have three minutes to make the case for why you, our soup-eating funders, should vote to support their project. Meet them all this Sunday, March 12, 2017 at Union Project! Click here to go to the Soup N’at event page.


Soup N’at is happening this March

To the artists out there with good ideas, Soup N’at is back and ready to hear about your ideas and new projects. We are here to help artists of all mediums and persuasions to take your dream one step further to reality.

The next Soup N’at will be on Sunday, March 12, 2017 from 6:00 to 8:00 PM at Union Project (801 N Negley Ave., Pittsburgh, PA).

Applying to Soup N’at is simple:

  1. Summarize the project and the timeline envisioned
  2. Tell us what the funding will be used for
  3. Explain what makes the project/idea important
  4. Send a minimum of 2 images to show the project/idea

Once the artist is selected, we’ll add them to the Soup N’at’s ballot of finalists.

At the Soup N’at event, selected artists will have two minutes to convince the audience that your project is the best of the evening. The project/idea that get the most votes at the end of the presentation round will receive all of the night’s proceeds. The only thing we ask the artist is to use the funding towards their art and present the project progress at a future Soup N’at.

Soup N’at is open to artists of all stripes — visual, performance, musical, digital, or none of the above. Applications for the March 12 event at Union Project (801 N Negley Ave) are due by March 1st.

Apply now and share the news with your friends!

February Soup N’at: The Results are in!


We’re pleased to announce the winner of last night’s Soup N’at dinner. Through the support of our volunteers, organizers, and guests, we were able to raise $921.24 for the artist that gained the most audience support. Nearly one hundred people from 34 different zipcodes converged on the Union Project to support local arts.

Although all five projects were well received and much loved by our audience, in the end there was only one clear winner of Soup N’at February 2016.


Mario Quinn (pictured above) and Jason Mendez took home the prize to help kick start the Zelda Pito Emerging Artist Fellowship. Congratulations folks! We can’t wait to see you at our next event and hear about your project.

Our other winner of the night was Erica Johnson of Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse, who won the door prize, a wonderful piece of Justin Rothshank ceramic art.

Oh and don’t forget to check out this Facebook album from the event!

Thank you to everyone who attended. See you next time!

February Finalists

We are now ready to announce our five February finalists to this Sunday’s Soup N’at:

1. Lori Howsare, Matthew Dean Rodgers, Ed Pinto – MadLove


The MadLove Project is designed to show images of loving moments with poetry to expose rarely seen kinds of love in public. It is my hope that the MadLove Poetry PhotoBook will inspire loves primal sweetness in it’s viewers. The live performances of the poetry with Ed Pinto is my experiment with the idea that live theatre and performance raises the Empathy of it’s viewers.

2. Bob Ziller – A Blues for The Block

A Blues for The Block

The 800 block on the west side of Penn Avenue has been completely abandoned for many years, with boarded up storefront windows on most of the properties. Inspired by Romare Bearden’s “The Block”, and the cover artwork of Coltrane Plays the Blues, I began by cutting scraps of chipboard into various rectangular shapes, then painting the boards with a palette of about a dozen colors.

3. Hudson Rush – The Women Writers of Northview Heights

group photo.jpg

Run as a democracy, the women have specifically requested a creative writing group in order to increase and improve their writing skills in all genres, including nonfiction and poetry. With this already-invested interest, the completed preliminary classes to gauge the level of interest have proven that this group of women – present head count of 11 – not only want to continue with this writing group, but also voted to schedule community performances and exhibitions of their work. By the end of each session, the women will produce individual chapbooks, audio CDs and accompanying visual artwork.

4. Abagail Beddall (Bunker Projects) – Performance Art Festival International Guest Travel Fund


The annual Bunker Project’s Performance Art Festival features a diverse lineup of artists reflecting local, national and international perspectives contributing to the evolving excitement of the Pittsburgh arts scene. Close to home, PAF16 puts Pittsburgh on the map of other well known east coast art centers like New York, Chicago, and Toronto.

5. Mario Quinn, Jason Mendez – Zelda Pito Emerging Artist Program

Screen Shot 2016-02-21 at 12.46.41 PM.png

The Zelda Pito Emerging Artist Fellowship (ZPEAF) is a three week summer intensive designed to use storytelling, dance, poetry, graphic design, emceeing, and creative writing to explore identity construction and the concept of home among Pittsburgh area public high school students. Students will engage in critical dialogues with their cohort, artists, and social change leaders, develop professional networks, participate in group and individual mentoring sessions, and receive support and resources to create new artwork.

Each artist will have three minutes to make the case for why you, our soup-eating funders, should vote to support their project. Meet them all this Sunday, February 28th, 2016 at Union Project! Click here to go to the Soup N’at event page.

Artists Selected for February Event


The Soup N’at steering committee has recently voted and chosen the final five artists for our February 2016 event. With a record number of applicants, all of which high quality contenders, it was down to the last voting member to break a 7-way tie to decide who made it onto the Soup N’at ballot!

In the end, we’re all extremely excited to bring you five amazing projects, we only wish we had time in the night to bring you more. Once we receive confirmation from all of our applicants we will post the results right here.

Stay Tuned!

Door Prizes!

Thanks to our wonderful friends at Union Project, as well as Jen Saffron, dedicated Soup N’at Volunteer from the Greater Pittsburgh Arts Council, we will be offering door prizes to one random attendee at this month’s Soup N’at.


In addition to a Justin Rothshank ceramic platter (shown above), the winner will receive a “Pittsburgh is Art” T-shirt and a public art walking tour book.

Good Luck!

You must attend the event to be entered for a chance to win. Prizes will be given out the night of the event. Details on the event can be found here.