Help out

We’re looking for lovely volunteers to help make Soup N’at possible – If you’re interested in any of the volunteer positions listed below, please email us at :

Volunteers Wanted: 

  • Set-up Crew
  • Ticket Tenders
  • Soup Runners
  • Dishwashers
  • Clean Up’ers
You will be assigned for one of the above tasks after you sign up – when you email us please identify your first choice for a time-slot for working (early shift or second shift).
Donations Needed! 
Do you have any bowls, mugs, drinking glasses or spoons that are filling up your kitchen cupboards?  Please think about donating to the Soup N’at cause!  Your spring cleaning could help local artists!
Bowls Bowls Bowls – Mugs Mugs Mugs – Spoons Spoons!

2 thoughts on “Help out

    1. Hi Katy!
      So sorry I missed this comment earlier – I’d LOVE it if you could help us find some bowls and spoons!! Mugs could also work… mmm soup! See you January 27th?

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