Artists Apply Here!

Stay tuned for details on our next Soup N’at in February 2019!

You don’t need to wait to apply! The Soup N’at application is always open, so get your idea in the queue.

Step 1: Submit your proposal (CLICK HERE)

Step 2: Email your images

Submit at least 2 images that will appear alongside your written proposal and/or be displayed at SOUP N’AT. Images can include photos, design images, sketches, etc. that help convey information about the specifics and scope of your project. Please send all images to and include the project title from your proposal.

Step 3: Wait for confirmation and invite your friends!


* We will inform you at least a week before the upcoming SOUP N’AT meal if your proposal was selected for the ballot.

* Proposals will be presented at meals in a two minute presentation (The format of the presentation is up to you, we simply ask that you are responsible for all technical elements of your presentation.  We will project slides for each project in a uniform presentation behind the stage during presentations.)

*We strongly encourage you to attend SOUP N’AT with lots of friends, who may vote for, as well as informally speak with patrons about, your project.

*Organizers reserve the right to exclude a proposal if it is inappropriate for funding through SOUP N’AT, and thus disqualify it from the current application process.  Our selection process will be based on the following requirements:

  1. Time: Apply for Soup N’at as many times as you like, until you win. Winners will only be considered for a second round of funding on a case-by-case basis.
  2. Place: Soup N’at supports local artists and communities. For this reason, preference will be given to applicants currently residing in, or impacting Pittsburgh and the surrounding suburbs.
  3. Scale: If you already have funding from other sources that exceeds $1,000, applications may be considered inappropriate for this small grassroots fundraiser.
  4. Diversity: We are seeking a variety of art forms on each ballot. Bonus points for creativity, not media.

*Please note that we often get more applications than can fit on a ballot. Apply early and often!


Thank You And Good Luck!


9 thoughts on “Artists Apply Here!

  1. Hello. I am confused about the dates for the proposal acceptance window. It says up top “September 1-November 1” but then when I click at the “Apply Here”, the application says the proposal window is December1-January 1″. Could you please respond?

    1. YES – we had to cancel the October 6th event due to low artist interest (likely due to the Carnegie International) – please join us on November 10th instead.

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