What is Soup N’at?


Soup N’at uses the Sunday Soup model of community fundraising. Artists of any art form may submit a proposal for a project. Five are accepted for any one quarterly, volunteer-run Soup N’at dinner. The artists then present their proposals, and the attendees cast ballots for their favorite. The artist with the most votes takes home the night’s proceeds.

As a patron, you get all of the following for $10:

  1. A delicious meal of soup made by one or more local Pittsburgh restaurants
  2. Free beer from a local Pittsburgh brewery
  3. Sides like bread from a local bakery and a sweet snack
  4. A chance to win an awesome door prize (if available)
  5. Awesome entertainment featuring up and coming musicians, poets, and more
  6. A chance to vote for one of five local artists

How is this even possible?!?

Because our communities are second to none. Soup N’at is more than just soup, it’s what happens when bakeries, restaurants, musicians, poets, artists, and hungry people all come together for a common cause: Supporting an awesome local artist to achieve something great.

“Hey, I’m an awesome local artist!”

Well what are you waiting for? Apply today! We’ll review your application and if we can fit it on the ballot, you’ll become a part of Soup N’at history! Think your idea might be a little out there? Apply anyway. Crazy stuff happens.

Soup N’at is organized with support from Union Project and New Sun Rising.